This product is made with 25 light colored plastic beads in addition to one cross shaped bead. These are linked by an elastic plastic band so that it sits snugly on your wrist but can also be removed easily. Moveable bead also makes tracking around the bracelet with your thumb easier so that you never lose your place.

Note: this item is not made by the monks; it is sold for income to support our monastery

Product Price $2.00

Product Description

This elastic prayer bracelet is perfect for quickly turning to prayer at any moment of the day. It is commonly used for recitation of the Jesus Prayer which is a brief, well known prayer practiced throughout the world. It is: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.”

This bracelet may also be used for other brief prayers throughout the day which may be tailored to one’s circumstances. For example, one may repeatedly say the Lord while going around the bracelet, “Lord give me strength,” “Lord defend me,” “Jesus I need You,” or other such supplicatory prayers. Or, in other cases, one may say to Jesus our Bridegroom, “Jesus I love You,” “Jesus You’re all I want,” “Jesus You are sufficient for me,” or “Jesus I want to know You more.” Such repeated prayers may indeed open the flood gates of the soul for both the anxiety, emotion, and stress within to be poured out towards God, and for God to pour out His mercy, grace, tenderness, and consolation into our souls.

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