Thank you for helping to build our Monastery.

If you have purchased some of our products or given us a donation, then your contributions are what we use to buy what we need to build our future home and center for ministry. We hope you will come to visit us one day and see the completed project. We would look forward to hosting you! Below you can see more pictures of our construction work thus far.

But why build a Monastery? We know that God’s purpose for mankind is to make us His own dwelling place and to share with us the Glory of having communion with Him (John 14:23). But we are living in very dark times and this truth is hidden from the eyes of many. America is changing – even the whole world is changing – and as a response, people are trying to understand, to define truth and purpose, and to build a peaceful future on safe and solid ground according to their best convictions. How should the Christian respond to this darkness? The holy prophet Isaiah gives us the answer: “Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you, and His glory will be seen upon you” (Isaiah 60:1–2).

America needs prayer; America needs living testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who shines – and not only talks. America’s young generation is hurt, wounded and confused; the youth are thirsty for truth and fulfillment; they need someone to embrace them and minister to them as the Bible teaches us. We believe God has called us for such a purpose. Will you join us by conviction of heart? By prayer? By helping to build our Monastery?

So far, we have purchased a property and built a fence and wall enclosing it. We are now preparing to build a private road and to bring the utilities to the future location of our first building. We have also begun collecting materials and appliances. Below you can also see a list of things that we need for our building project. If you can help us, will you please consider contacting us?

You can reach us at: sjb.brotherhood [at]

May God bless you richly, and from the depths of our hearts we thank you.

–   The monks at the Orthodox Monastery of St. John the Baptist.


First truck arrives

The first machine arrives on the property south of Phoenix in Arizona

Clearing the path

Clearing the path for the 1.25 mile long border fence

Time to start digging

Time to roll up our sleeves and start digging. The land is empty now, but it will one day host people, buildings, ministry and much prayer and worship.

Monk digging holes

A monk digging holes for the 660 poles of the border fence

The cement arrives

We unloaded about 700 cement bags (60 pounds each) ourselves.

Poles in the holes

After the poles are placed in the holes, the cement will be poured in.

Sign of the Cross

All the labor for the Glory of God

The workday is coming to an end

One of the workdays is coming to an end

Prayer at sunrise

Prayer at sunrise before another day of work begins

The doors to the fence has arrived

The fence-doors have arrived

The top rail has been installed

The top rail has been installed

Happy monk at work

Happy monk at work

Another happy monk at work

Another happy monk at work

Bricks for builing the wall

Blocks for building the wall towards the entrance of the property.

A bigger machine arrives

A bigger machine arrives

A bigger machine arrives
The foundation of the wall

The foundation of the 0.25 mile long wall.

Drain for flash-floods

Drain for flash-floods at the base of the finished wall

Drain for flash-floods
The wall is completed

The wall is completed, awaiting only the main gate to be installed.

The wall is completed

Future sconce and
main entrance sign

Secondary gate installed

Secondary gate installed

White pole

This white pole marks the location of our first building.


Aerial map of the property

Drawing showing the Monastery-building

Footprint of the Monastery-building

Antoher drawing showing the Monastery-building
Visualization of the Monastery building

Rendering of the Monastery building.

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